General Terms and Conditions

The following general conditions aim to define the legal framework which will apply in the relations between:

- the Charlotte company which publishes the site, registered with the Marseille RCS under SIRET number 813 100 948 , whose head office is located at 46 Rue Joseph Vernet, 84000 Avignon. SASU with capital of €25,000 whose intra-community VAT number is FR 12 813 100 948

- and any person visiting or making a purchase on the site

Their purpose is to define the reciprocal rights and obligations of both parties in the different stages of ordering one or more items. 
Any person registering on the site must adhere to these general conditions of sale and thus accept them without reservation. 
No purchase can be made on the site without having first accepted these conditions. 
The Internet user can consult the general conditions of sale at any time by clicking on the “General conditions of sale” section at the bottom of the screen.

Changes to the general conditions of sale 
These general conditions of sale are those applicable as of 03/26/2020. 
Charlotte reserves the right to modify or adapt them at any time without notice. 
Thus, the applicable general conditions of sale will be those in force on the day of the order. 
Also, the user of the site is invited to consult them before each purchase because any order constitutes unreserved acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale.

Partial invalidity 
These conditions express the entirety of the obligations of the parties. 
If a condition were to be missing, it would be considered to be governed by the practices in force in the distance selling sector. 
If a particular stipulation of these conditions is held to be invalid or declared as such by a decision having the force of res judicata of a competent court (change of legislation, regulation, court decision), the other stipulations will retain all their force. and their scope.

Customer limitation 
The items displayed on the site are only offered for sale to non-commercial individuals. 
Any user of the site declares that they have the legal capacity allowing them to place an order on the site and allowing them to use a bank card.

Article 1: Products and availability

The site offers clothing items and accessories for sale.

The products sold are photographed and described as faithfully and accurately as possible. However, errors or omissions are possible. Also, depending on the Internet browser or screen used, the colors of the items may not correspond to the actual colors.

The products sold are those which are described and visible on the site. Product offers are valid within the limits of available stocks displayed on the site. Charlotte reserves the right to withdraw from sale, at any time, any item present on the Charlotte site and/or to replace or modify any information associated with the Items appearing on this Site. Any out of stock product will be reported. However, the availability and delivery of a product are only guaranteed by us sending an email confirming your order. In the event of unavailability of a product once the order has already been placed and confirmed, an email will inform the customer. All or part of their order will be canceled and they will be refunded within a maximum of 15 working days in the form of recrediting their bank card, or by Paypal (depending on the payment method initially chosen). Available items ordered at the same time cannot be subject to cancellation.

The illustration photos used on our site come either from our suppliers or from our own shootings and may show, in the case of supplier photos, certain products that we market with other products that we do not sell.

Article 2: Order

Any Order implies an obligation to pay.

Orders are exclusively received on the Internet after acceptance of these general conditions of sale. To place an order on the site, you must be registered. When registering, you will be given a username and password.

Any Order is subject to Charlotte's prior acceptance and is only definitively confirmed after receipt by the Customer of an e-mail confirming the shipment of the Item(s). The availability and delivery of a product will only be guaranteed by us sending you a confirmation email after finalizing your order. Product offers are valid while stocks last.

Data relating to orders is kept on reliable and durable computer media. They are considered proof of the contractual relations between the parties in the same way as any document established, received or kept in writing.

Article 3: Payment and security

Any Order implies an obligation to pay by credit card or Paypal.

On the site, payment for purchases is made when ordering either by credit card or Paypal.

For payment by credit card / Paypal

We will debit your credit card at the time of ordering .

Paypal payments are also collected upon ordering.

We accept cards bearing the symbol “CB” and/or bearing the VISA or Euro-card brand . MasterCards accepted in France and e-bank cards are also accepted.

For payment by credit card, the site guarantees you perfect payment security thanks to the Payline system: the benchmark for secure payment on the Internet. This system is used in particular by the largest French online commerce sites and by the majority of banks.

Indeed, all payment phases to be carried out between the buyer and Payline are fully encrypted and protected. The data relating to your bank card number is encrypted from your computer and is thus transmitted encrypted directly to the banking operator, who decrypts it and manages the direct debit authorizations.

For payment in three installments

We offer you the opportunity to pay in several installments with our partner Alma: in 3 installments with your credit card, visa or mastercard. This payment in 3 installments free of charge is available for all orders over 300 euros up to 2000 euros.


Access to the payment facility is reserved for individuals (individuals of legal age) and professionals (legal entities) residing in an Accepted Country.

These people must hold a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Bank Card type bank card issued in an Accepted Country, or a bank account held by a bank domiciled in an Accepted Country and a telephone number from the same country as their card or bank account. If paying by card, it must be valid for at least one month after the last due date of the payment facility.

Cards with systematic authorization, credit, prepaid, virtual or in a country not belonging to the list of Accepted Countries are not accepted.

The service provider may request more information from the Customer, in order to authorize their access to a payment facility. This request may concern the Customer's identity document or a request for access to the Customer's bank account.

The Client undertakes to ensure that the Service Provider can deduct from his means of payment the sums due on the dates provided for in the payment receipt.


After completing your order, simply click on the “Alma pay in three installments” button. You are then redirected to our partner's 3x Alma web page displaying the detailed summary of your order and the personalized financing request, which you must then validate.

By clicking on the “Pay in 3 installments” button, you accept the general conditions of use of the Alma payment platform.


The Customer materializes his request for access to the payment facility by clicking on the “Pay in installments” button (or, “Pay in 3 installments”). If applicable, the Customer may be asked to affix his signature.

The Seller materializes his agreement for this payment facility by the message “Payment accepted” or “Accepted”. The Customer's order is then validated and the payment facility takes effect immediately.


Payment in 3 installments free of charge by credit card allows you to pay for the order placed on our merchant site as follows:
- a mandatory deposit, debited on the day of confirmation of shipment of your order.
- two monthly payments, taken 30 and 60 days later for the 3rd time.

What happens if my order is canceled? In the event of total cancellation of your order, the payments already taken will be refunded. Upcoming deadlines will be canceled.


Withdrawal of the order

The Individual Customer has a withdrawal period for his order from the Seller as specified in the Seller's General Conditions of Sale. In the event of exercising this right with the Seller and canceling the purchase, the payment facility will then be canceled and all sums already paid to the Seller by the Customer will be refunded.

Withdrawal of payment facility

The individual Customer has a period of 14 calendar days from the order date to waive the payment facility granted by the Seller and decide to pay in cash, by contacting the Service Provider directly at .

In the case of withdrawal, any costs paid by the Customer are reimbursed by the Seller (excluding costs of returning the order). If he meets the conditions for withdrawal applications described in article L121-16-1 of the Commercial Code, the Professional Customer also benefits from a right of withdrawal for a period of fourteen calendar days, according to the same terms as for a particular Customer.


If all or part of the order is canceled in accordance with the general conditions of Charlotte Avignon, the amount of the payment facility will be revised accordingly in order to be aligned with the new amount due.

If applicable (for example in the event of total cancellation of the order), the seller will reimburse the Customer for any overpayments.


In the event of non-payment by the Customer on the correct date of an amount due, Charlotte Avignon may terminate the payment facility offer made and demand immediate payment of the entire amount remaining due.

Likewise, the Seller may terminate the offer in the event of a false declaration by the Customer (personal information, banking details). Immediate payment of the entire amount remaining due may then be required.

In the event of bank fraud, organized fraud or proven payment default, Charlotte Avignon may take the following actions:

  • advance debit of funds from all cards or means of payment connected to the Client;
  • freezing of the Client's funds in order to recover his default
  • freezing of Client funds to allow additional investigations;
  • request for cancellation of the sale from the Seller.


In the event of a serious late payment by the Client, defined as a delay of more than 15 days on a due date, Charlotte Avignon reserves the right to apply late payment penalties of an amount at most equal to 8% of the sums remaining due. .

Your banking details

The protocol used is SSL coupled with banking electronics. This means that the information related to the order and the bank card number do not circulate unencrypted on the Internet. The bank card number is not printed on any paper, invoice, slip or other listing. 
The merchant is not aware of the card numbers. Card numbers are never retained after transmitting the payment transaction to the merchant's bank. Thus, no person has access either electronically or in print to the buyers' bank card details. For more information, visit the Payline website: .

CB Anti Fraud System

In order to protect itself against Internet fraud, Charlotte has implemented the following measures:

- Recording your IP address, as well as the exact dates and times of the transaction. This unique and formal identification binds you contractually. Of course, if you have no intention of malfeasance, these elements will remain confidential.

- Any attempt at fraud, for whatever amount and whatever the origin, will be subject to criminal prosecution (filing of a complaint with the Public Prosecutor of the MARSEILLE Court). All of the data collected about you will then be transmitted to the Public Prosecutor's Office for investigation. Reminder of the terms of Article 313-1 of the Penal Code: “Fraud is the act, either by the use of a false name or a false capacity, or by the abuse of a true capacity, either by the use of fraudulent maneuvers, to deceive a natural or legal person and thus induce them, to their detriment or to the detriment of a third party, to hand over funds, values ​​or any property, to provide a service or to consent to an act providing obligation or discharge. The fraud is punishable by five years of imprisonment and a fine of 375,000 euros. »

Before validating an order by bank card and to avoid any attempt at fraud, Charlotte reserves the right to ask the customer for a photocopy of their identity card, as well as the 3 numbers appearing on the back of their bank card (cryptogram).

3D Secure program

To strengthen the security of transactions, Charlotte has implemented the 3D secure program.

This is a program created by international issuers Visa (Verified By Visa) and Mastercard (Mastercard Secure Code) to enhance the security of online payments. It is based on the implementation of additional control during an online purchase: in addition to banking data, the buyer is asked to enter personal data allowing their bank to identify them and validate the transaction. .

Authentication methods are specific to each bank.

Since the end of 2010, under the leadership of the Banque de France, all French banks have equipped their holders with a strong authentication method. If a holder does not have an authentication code, he must contact his bank.

Article 4: Price

The prices displayed on the site are expressed in euros, all French taxes included (French VAT and other taxes applicable on the day of the order) excluding processing and shipping costs. Delivery costs are indicated before validation of the order.

Orders placed from Switzerland and the French Overseas Territories will be exempt from French VAT (20%). The calculation is done automatically in the order process upon entering the billing and delivery address.

All orders, whatever their origins, are payable in euros. The Charlotte-avignon .com site reserves the right to modify its prices at the beginning of the week but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the prices in force at the time of order registration, subject to availability on that date.

Promo codes cannot be combined with each other, a code can only be used for one order. The promo code cannot be re-used upon return or exchange.

Article 5: Delivery

5.1 How are items delivered?

Parcels are delivered by post using “Colissimo Supérieure” or “Chronopost” against the signature of the recipient or any specially mandated person. This digitized signature and its reproduction provide proof of delivery of the package.

It allows you to freely choose where you want to be delivered:

  • To the address of your choice (home, office, etc.).
  • In one of the many Cityssimo spaces in France.
  • In the post office of your choice among the 10,000 existing ones.
  • At one of the many merchants in the Post Office partner network.

The different delivery options are offered to you when finalizing your order basket.

For Colissimo

For parcels delivered to the address of your choice, in the event of the absence of the recipient of the parcel at the designated address, a notice of delivery and pending delivery of the parcel is left in the recipient's mailbox. This notice indicates the contact details of the Post Office where the recipient can collect the item. Any package thus placed on hold is delivered to the recipient or his agent, duly authorized for this purpose upon presentation of an identity document and against signature. The duration of the pending parcel is 15 consecutive days from the day after the day of filing of the notice of pending.

In the case of delivery to a merchant, the product cannot be returned directly to them. The return must be made according to the clauses set out in article 6.

For the Chronoposts

If the recipient of the package is absent, Chronopost calls the customer to arrange a new delivery or an appointment. In the event of repeated absence, the package will be held at your post office or at a Chronopost collection point.

For the smooth running of delivery, it is up to the buyer to carefully provide their delivery address at the time of ordering. He can modify it by contacting customer service, or add a new one in the “My account” section or by contacting customer service for the current order. 
In the event of errors or inaccuracies in the wording of the buyer's contact details, Charlotte cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of delivering the order.

Case of delivery to a company: Charlotte's liability ends as soon as the stamp or signature of the company or its representative is affixed to the carrier's slip.

For DHL deliveries

If the recipient of the package is absent, a delivery notice will be left and a new delivery will be made the next day. You can modify the date of this second visit using your tracking code until 10:30 p.m. If you are absent during the second visit, the package will be available for a period of 5 days at a DHL drop-off point.

For the smooth running of delivery, it is the customer's responsibility to accurately provide all the details necessary for the proper delivery of their order and perfect delivery (access code, access specification for example). The customer can modify their information by adding new ones in the “My account” section or by contacting customer service for the current order.
In the event of errors or inaccuracies in the wording of the buyer's contact details, Charlotte cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of delivering the order.

Case of delivery to a company: Charlotte's liability ends as soon as the stamp or signature of the company or its representative is affixed to the carrier's slip.

5.2 What are the delivery times?

5.2.1 For France

After receipt of the order, the package corresponding to it will be entrusted to the Post Office: 
- either the same day, 
- or the working day following the order.

From this moment on, the Post Office undertakes to do everything possible to ensure the distribution of items or the first delivery notice for items entrusted to it.

For Chronopost: your order will be shipped the same day if it is placed before 9 a.m. For any order placed after 9 a.m., shipping will be done the day following receipt of the order from Monday to Friday. (excluding: public holidays, travel bans, force majeure, exceptional circumstances or generally any other fact not attributable to the Post Office)

For Colissimo: the second working day following the day the order is picked up.

In all cases, delivery times must not exceed one month.

When the package is shipped, the buyer will receive an email confirming the shipment of their package, with a tracking number which will allow them to follow it online on the site for Chronopost , for Colissimo or on‎ for DHL deliveries.

Incidents (strikes, blockages of road networks, etc.), losses at processing centers can cause delays, the buyer can notify us by sending us a message via the “Contact” section and recalling their Colissimo number. , Chronopost or DHL.

Charlotte declines all responsibility in the event of excessive delivery times due to postal services.

You can find details of delivery times for France and Corsica in the table below in the “shipping costs” section.

5.2.2 For other countries

Delivery times range from 1 to 10 working days depending on the delivery method chosen and the destination.

5.3 Shipping costs

5.3.1 For France

Shipping costs are calculated automatically and are indicated before each order is validated. Colissimo, Chronopost or DHL deliveries remain at your expense.

5.3.2 For other countries

Delivery costs are detailed in the tables above depending on the destination and the delivery method chosen.

Depending on the country of delivery and the carrier chosen, your order may be subject to customs fees.


Colissimo Home
3-4 days
Colissimo Relay
3-4 days
Post Office
3-4 days
Chrono Home
DHL eco
Colissimo Home
3-6 days
Chrono Home
DHL eco
Colissimo Home
DHL eco
Colissimo Home
DHL eco
Colissimo Home
Chrono Home
DHL eco
Colissimo Home


Colissimo Home
4/7 days
Colissimo Home
4/7 days
Colissimo Home
4/7 days

5.4 Delivery issues

If the buyer notices a break-in or damage to his package , he has three days to notify the seller. We advise you, if the original packaging is damaged, torn or opened at the time of delivery, to check the condition of the items in the presence of the delivery person and to immediately express reservations on the delivery slip, or even to refuse the package.

It is up to the buyer to determine whether their package has been broken into or damaged . We advise you to systematically check the contents of the package in the presence of the carrier, in order to verify the condition of the items, even if your package does not show signs of deterioration. If they have been damaged or stolen, you must refuse the package and note a reservation on the delivery slip (package refused because open or damaged). Charlotte cannot be held liable if the buyer has not expressed reservations.

To obtain a refund , the buyer must inform us of any problem observed by sending us a message via the “Contact” section. He must report in detail the problem observed (e.g. damaged package, already opened, etc.). The buyer may be asked to provide a photo of the damage by email.

In the event of non-delivery of the package by the Post Office , the buyer must inform Charlotte via the “Contact” section. We will then open an investigation with the services concerned. An email indicating that an investigation is open will be sent to you. Final response times from the Post Office vary from 4 to 6 weeks. If the package is found, it will be sent to the customer according to the usual procedure. If the package is declared lost and there is no longer any stock available to ensure a second shipment, the order will be refunded as soon as possible.

In the case of a package signed by the customer or an agent, if a package is signed by the customer or an agent, this amounts to confirmation of good delivery and Charlotte is no longer responsible for a failure to deliver. If you entrust the receipt of your package to an agent, he becomes responsible for your receipt of your package.

If the transport has declared your package delivered but you contest this delivery, we will be able, if necessary, to meet your expectations and we will be required to ask you for a formal, handwritten dispute as well as a copy of your identity card or passport .

Article 6: Right of return of products

How to return a product :

Returns must be made within 14 days of receipt of your package. Any return may result in a non-refundable credit or a refund depending on your payment method.

Returns are free only for Metropolitan France, limited to one return per order.

1. Go to your personal account, then in the “My returns” section and click on “New product return request”;

2. Check the products and quantities you wish to return, and specify whether you want to have a non-refundable credit, or a refund;

4. Print your return slip (consisting of a form and a slip) and the prepaid label;

5. Prepare your package by repackaging the items in their original packaging or, failing that, suitable packaging, slip the return form inside, and affix the return slip to the package.

6. Finally, drop off your package at the post office or at a collection point depending on the option chosen.

Our returns policy

If you made a purchase with a promotional code, it cannot be reused in the event of a return, even if you wish to return the same product.

Underwear is considered “Sensitive Goods” within the meaning of Article L 121-20-8 of the Consumer Code and cannot, for reasons of hygiene and health protection, be subject to a return and a refund.

In accordance with the provisions of articles L121 et seq. of the Consumer Code, each user of the site has a withdrawal period of 14 days from receipt of their package to return one or more items, at their own expense and risk, without having to justify the reason. If the deadline expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the deadline is extended until the first following working day at midnight.

Returns that do not meet our policy will not be accepted and will be returned to you.

If a product is missing from your order, we ask you to notify us as soon as possible (24 hours after receipt of the product). Photos of your package as well as the initial packaging will be requested to follow up on a potential refund.

We would like to point out that in the case of a return, the customer is the sender of the package and is therefore held responsible for any damage to the product during this return. If the product is damaged, it will be returned and reimbursement of shipping costs may be requested.

Late returns

Your purchase must be returned within 14 days of receipt of your order. Late returns will be refunded in the form of a credit and a fee corresponding to 10% of the order amount will be retained.


Try on your pieces with the greatest care. Items must be returned new and unused; they must also have labels intact and attached.


Handle light-colored bags with care if you are not yet sure whether you want to keep the item. Please note that dark clothing may bleed onto light bags.


When trying on your shoes, be careful not to damage the soles or the box. Please remember to return the original protective case and box – these are considered part of the item. Place the shoe box inside another box to avoid damage during transport.

Defective items

Products are considered defective if they are damaged upon receipt or a manufacturing defect is discovered within six months of the date of purchase. If your item is received defective or you wish to make a reservation (damaged package, open package, missing product, damaged or soiled product, etc.) you must notify us upon receipt of the package either by telephone on 06 77 30 06 38 or in the “contact” section.

Subsequently make a request for a return of goods in your account and return the defective item within 14 days from the date of receipt of your order. Please note that items damaged as a result of normal use will not be considered faulty.


We do everything possible to display the colors of the items offered on Charlotte as accurately as possible. However, the resolution of computer screens, tablets and smartphones varies from one device to another, so we cannot guarantee 100% actual color display.

In all cases, we ask that all returns be packaged in their original packaging (branded bag and/or box).

Frequent returns

In order to provide you with a pleasant and safe shopping experience, we offer you a flexible returns policy. However, we track the number of returns made per customer; If we notice that these are too frequent, we reserve the right to refuse them.

Article 7: Liability

The products offered comply with current French legislation and the standards applicable in France. Consequently, Charlotte cannot be held liable in the event of an error or omission in any of these photographs, texts or graphics, information or characteristics of the products or in the event of modification of the characteristics of the products by the suppliers. Of course, for any questions about the products you can contact our customer service.

Charlotte cannot be held responsible for non-performance of the contract concluded in the event of stock shortage or unavailability of the product, force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike in particular of postal services and means of transport and/or communications, flooding , fire.

Hypertext links may refer to sites other than the Charlotte-avignon .com site. The site disclaims all liability in the event that the content of these sites contravenes the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

Article 8: Intellectual property

All texts, comments, works, illustrations and images reproduced on the sites published by Charlotte are reserved under copyright as well as intellectual property and for the entire world. As such and in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, only use for private use is authorized subject to different or even more restrictive provisions of the intellectual property code. Any other use constitutes counterfeiting and is punishable under Intellectual Property law without prior authorization from Charlotte . Any total or partial reproduction of the sites published by Charlotte is strictly prohibited.

Article 9: Personal data

All information provided during your visits to is strictly confidential.

The files are registered with the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL).

Charlotte undertakes not to disclose to third parties the personal information that you communicate to us. These are confidential. They will only be used by its internal services to process your order and to reinforce and personalize the communication and product offer reserved for Charlotte customers, in particular through the newsletter. This article cannot prevent the assignment or transfer of activities to a third party.

Consequently, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data concerning you.

To find out more you can consult our privacy policy.

To do this, simply send us a request online, indicating your name, first name, address and, if possible, your customer reference: - by e-mail: by filling out our contact form

You can also manage your subscription to the newsletter at any time from your customer account, or by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email received.

Article 10: Liability

Charlotte cannot be held responsible for all the inconveniences and damages inherent in the use of the Internet network (service interruption, external intrusion, computer viruses, etc.).

Article 11: Guarantees

All our products benefit from:
- the legal guarantee of conformity
- the legal guarantee against hidden defects.

To benefit from the product warranty, it is imperative to keep the product purchase invoice.
Contractual guarantees do not cover:
- abnormal or non-compliant use of products. In this regard, we invite you to carefully consult the maintenance advice,
- defects and their consequences linked to use not in accordance with the use for which the product is intended,
- defects and their consequences linked to any external cause.

In any case, Charlotte cannot be held responsible in the event of the manufacturer's refusal to apply its warranty for the reasons set out above.

Article 12: Disputes

Any dispute can be resolved through our customer service and, in the absence of an amicable settlement, the rules of jurisdiction will apply. However, the site reserves the right to summon the customer before the court in whose jurisdiction his domicile or headquarters are located.

Article 13: Non-waiver

It is agreed between Charlotte and the users of the site that any failure or waiver by one of the parties in the application of all or part of the commitments provided for in these general conditions of sale cannot constitute a modification of this agreement, nor generate a right any, nor even be interpreted for the future as a waiver of the commitment in question.

Article 14: Force majeure

The execution by the company of all or part of its obligations will be suspended in the event of the occurrence of a fortuitous event or force majeure which would hinder or delay its execution. The various cases recognized by case law are considered as such. In such a fortuitous event, Charlotte will notify her customers by email within 7 days.

Article 15: Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These general conditions of sale are subject to French law.

Article 16: Customs duties

Any order placed on and delivered outside mainland France may be subject to possible taxes and customs duties possibly imposed when the package reaches its destination. 
These possible customs duties and taxes linked to the delivery of an item are your responsibility and are your entire responsibility. 
We are unable to verify applicable customs duties and taxes. 
To find out about them, we advise you to contact the competent authorities in your country.

Article 17: Customer service

For any information or questions, our customer service is at your disposal: 
- through the Contact section. 
- by telephone: (+33) 6 77 30 06 38
- by email to

Article 18: Legal notices

The website is published by the company Charlotte registered with the Marseille RCS under SIRET number 813 100 948.

The head office is located at 46 Rue Joseph Vernet, 84000 Avignon. SASU with capital of €25,000 whose intra-community VAT number is FR 12813100948

Publication director: Agnès Geraudel


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