Maison NH Paris & Mi-Mai, our eco-responsible brands

Among our different brands, Maison NH Paris and Mi-Mai are our eco-responsible brands, they support ecology and sustainable development in their own way.

As our society is constantly evolving and increasingly consuming, brands are developing an eco-responsible side in order to best preserve our precious planet.

Here are our eco-responsible brands:

- Maison NH Paris, one of our eco-responsible brands which highlights the manufacturing of its products, its packaging and the working conditions of its creators.

The brand has all its products made by hand, crochet and artisanal raffia weaving in committed production workshops in India and Madagascar and uses solvent or water-based inks with low ecological impact.

All boxes and papers used in packaging are biodegradable, compostable, lightweight and made from 90% recycled materials. It therefore has a low carbon footprint.

The brand employs mainly women to manufacture its products and offers a home to live in for those who need it.

In order to have a greater eco-responsible impact , Maison NH Paris is committed to working with suppliers who only source eco-responsible products.

- Mid-May, the second of our eco-responsible brands highlights its “fair and sustainable” logic.

The brand produces in limited series in order to fight against mass production, the devaluation of goods and the exhaustion of our planet's resources.

To always anchor itself in an eco-responsible approach, Mi-Mai sends its products with already used boxes, thanks to this 500 kilos of cardboard material are saved each year.

In addition, Mi-Mai has an eco-responsible program called “recycled is the new pink” in partnership with Redonner . The brand takes back all customers' clothes, bags or shoes regardless of their brand and condition. After which Mi-Ma gives them a new life!