The illumination that gives birth to a brand

With a background marked by high-end fashion and cosmetics, this designer has acquired over the years a wise and expert eye on the artistic and creative world.
One night, a dream, enlightenment. “ I woke up one morning and told myself that creating jewelry was what I wanted to do .
This is then the big leap into the unknown. “ I didn’t know anything about the profession, laughs Raquel. She then searched the internet to erase the vagueness surrounding the reality of this profession and found online training.
She starts. “ It was during the first confinement ,” remembers the Nîmes resident. I wasn't afraid, I'm good with my hands, I went to Fine Arts, also to a makeup school, etc.”
Very quickly, she ordered her equipment, moved into a storage room at home which she transformed into a workshop and created her first pieces, rings.
She ardently shapes the brass plates and creates her first collection in a style that she describes as “glam, half-rock, half-classic”, drawing her inspiration from the now very famous American series Game Of Thrones . Hand-carved, the rings, bracelets and necklaces are raw jewelry sometimes set with stones. Each piece is unique.