Charlotte & upcycling

1 item of clothing = €50 voucher

What is upcycling ?

Upcycling translates into French as surcyclage or even upcycling, which could be defined as “recycling from above”. Upcycling is a kind of super recycling which has become in just a few years one of the major trends in the circular economy.

The idea of ​​upcycling is to make something new out of old, without transforming the raw material used, and while obtaining a gain in quality and added value for the final product. When we upcycle we reuse. But above all, we appropriate the object to give it a new high-end life, often very far from its first life. Because in fact, most of the time the use of the original product will be diverted and there will be a new one. There are different forms of upcycling.

Our upcycling :

Because we cherish our planet, all ecological forms are important to us. We try to apply it as much as possible at Charlotte. We already have some of our major brands which are eco-responsible brands . To continue to have a positive impact on the environment:

Boutique Charlotte is also getting into upcycling .

We will take back your old collections purchased in the Boutique in exchange for a €50 voucher for €250 purchase on the new Fall Winter 2023/2024 collection!!

1 item of clothing = €50 voucher

Or an exceptional offer of -20%*
*Excluding promotions and sales.

Come to the store to return your old collections and leave with a brand new wardrobe! You too can go upcycling !