At the head of the luxury leather goods house, Maison Ravn, Claudia Ravnbo.

“My creations are aimed at lovers of rare pieces. Each bag is unique and designed like a painting through the art of composition. »

Claudia Ranvbo

Gives back its nobility to the beautiful piece. Everything except fast fashion. Exceptional materials, the fabrics are rare.

The leathers are precious, the reliefs in crocodile or python scales are hand painted.

The very essence of Maison Ravn is the know-how of exceptional craftsmen, as well as unparalleled creativity.

Portrait of the talented creator Claudia Ravmbo.

Luxury bags, Maison Ravn embraces the idea that “Each bag is unique and designed like a painting through the art of composition. » in the words of Claudia taken from one of her exchanges, with THE SOCIALITE FAMILY, media and lifestyle and interior brand.

Exchanges taken from The socialite FAMILY.

Three questions.

Claudia, who are you? Can you introduce yourself ?


I am a globetrotter and artist who started life in Tromsø, Norway. I studied Fine Arts in London and Glasgow. Between my four children, I alternated between painting and interior decoration before embarking on the Maison Ravn adventure, body and soul!

Tell us about your future projects. Are you still carrying out construction sites?


I'm very lucky to be able to do what I love to do in decoration as well. Currently I am designing all the new salons in Ladurée in addition to a few private projects and a small hotel.

Tell us about Maison Ravn, our brand. How did it start?


Maison Ravn started quite simply because at one point I could no longer find bags that I wanted. The It bag changes every two months and “real luxury” no longer exists. I wanted to create beautiful pieces. Unique. Because every woman is unique! The first bags were true haute couture creations where I mixed historic fabrics with the most precious exotic leathers. While taking the necessary time. That’s “real luxury”. Today we are a fine leather goods house that is also becoming eco-responsible. We launched a vegan collection. Our goal is to create beautiful objects that last over time.

Its new Color Touch collection, inspired by Scandinavian rural art “Rosemaling” has us literally falling for it.

The last article and not the first on Maison Ravn, in L'officiel, dating from December 1, 2020.